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~ Janine Y Ellis ~

“For A Better Englewood”


My name is Janine Y. Ellis and I’m urging you to get involved in the local government for the city of Englewood because we have a tremendous opportunity at having an open and transparent city government that works for the people. A government whose principles are founded on inclusion and fiscal responsibility. An opportunity to strengthen communication with voters and make decisions that reflect the needs and opinions of those we serve. When the right ones are elected, they will work tirelessly to prioritize finding real time practical solutions and always focus attention on the needs of the community.


Transparency, Communication and Collaboration

  • Emphasis on financial fiscal responsibility and eliminating wasteful spending 

  • Clarity on how funds are being used

    • Assess/evaluate city owned assets.

    • Hold vendors and suppliers accountable. 

  • Listen to and address the people’s needs. 

    • Establish and supervise a community outreach portal

    • Build stronger collaborative partnerships with other municipalities and county government

Housing and Taxes 

  • Find a way to stabilize taxes

  • Redevelopment of existing land/properties and rezoning or use of existing land/properties  

  • Create housing and home ownership opportunities for our community, particularly for working class families, young (new) families and seniors. 

  • Address and service the homeless population that is growing in our community (housing and mental health needs)

Public Safety and Policing

  • ​Environmental/climate safety and green space preservation

  • Pedestrian safety

  • Proper and diversified staffing of Englewood Police and Fire Department (100% of department jobs filled)     

  • Build a Safer community

  • Establish a new and improved community policing program in which officers walk the neighborhood and get to know the community (require diversity training)    


  • Strengthen development efforts for our community.

  • Provide more recreational opportunities for our youth with a new initiative to get more people involved

  • Social support for youth, creating conscious voters

  • Establish a centrally located property as our community gathering space

  • Provide more services and outreach to seniors, our growing population    

Infrastructure, Traffic Flow and Parks

  • Improve/Increase public library meeting space 

  • Improvement and maintenance of all public buildings   

  • Fix our streets and drainage/sewage systems

  • Re-evaluate safety and put up new signs/speed bumps where needed

  • Evaluate and regulate traffic flow and parking downtown

  • Continued improvement in the maintenance of our city streets, sidewalks, downtown district    

  • Maintain our parks regularly

Strengthen Englewood Businesses

  • Strategic revitalization of Englewood's Downtown business district

  • Increase revenue for the city and build the economy

  • Ease downtown parking

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